Bucharest Art Gallery is a family business with more than 35 years of experience in the antiques trade in Chile.

We are proud to be a reference in the market, thanks to the work, effort and courage of its owner and founder, Ricardo Pizarro Pacheco.

Ricardo Pizarro, anticuario. Fundó Bucarest Art Gallery.

35 years in the antiques business

With a deep passion for art and history, Pizarro has made Bucharest Art Gallery a trusted destination for lovers of antiques. Thanks to our solid exchange relationships with national and international antique dealers, today we can offer a varied quality catalog to our clients.

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We buy and sell antiques throughout Chile, in addition to importing unique pieces from France.

We work with prominent auction houses such as Drouot, Millon & Associes and Thierry de Maigret, to guarantee that we will have valuable objects that capture the essence and charm of bygone eras.
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Our team:

The team is composed of:
– Kerling Arias, administrator and salesperson.
– Ricardo Pizarro, owner and antique dealer.
– Osvaldo Yáñez, salesman and antique dealer.
– Mauricio Siade, salesman and antique dealer.
– Cristóbal Pizarro, management.
– Paulina Giglio, inventory and photographs
– Daniela Castillo, inventory and photographs
– Isidora Ortiz, inventory and photographs

We invite you to visit any of our stores in Santiago, or visit our catalog to explore our selection of antiques. Discover the timeless elegance of antiques at Bucharest Art Gallery!

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